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Surprises between Blues and Barca

Chelsea great Gianfranco Zola is able to speak from experience about the kind of uphill battle that awaits the current side under Antonio Conte as they took on Barcelona during the second leg at the Nou Camp of their last 18 ties today.

In an interview, the 51-year-old believes they have the ability not to make things easy for Ernesto Valverde’s LaLiga leaders. “It is not going to be easy. Playing in Barcelona is a tough game. But Chelsea is a strong team, with good players. They can go there and surprise Barcelona; they have the ability to do that. Chelsea has the type of players Barcelona don’t like very much, so it’s still an open game.”

In the end, Chelsea has the type of player that Barcelona does not admire. Therefore, it is still an open game. Still, Gian Franco Sola, one of Chelsea team’s members lost to Barca in the 2000 Champions League quarter-finals.

“They will have to defend well. The first leg was 1-1, Barcelona will want to try to win the game (and not rely on the away goals rule). I am sure they will want to be safe. If Chelsea defends well first, then they can use the counter as they can do really well. They stand a very good chance,” Zola adds. Moreover, both teams started the campaign at the end of frenzied summer, stores near me.

Conte, on the other hand, is yet to find out the answer to his string issues. “We need to repeat the game we played at Stamford Bridge and to try to exploit the chances to score. It’s important to understand that we must be prepared to suffer, if we play with Hazard as No. 9, or if we play with (Olivier) Giroud or (Alvaro) Morata as No. 9 and Hazard as No. 10,” Conte told Chelsea TV, Straits Times reported.

‘Human Nature’ Aussie group returns

Burton expresses his excitement on their upcoming show at the BB King Blues Club since the last they played there in 2010. The group cannot deny that it has been awhile now and they can’t wait to perform there again. According to Digital Journal, he said, “It is quite different than our show in Las Vegas. We get to show our chops as performers and musicians. It is about the music, the singing, and the playing. It is going to be a great show!”

Meanwhile, Burton admitted that technology had a huge impact on their music business.  He added, “It is a really interesting thing! People have instant access to so much more music these days. Literally, almost any song you can think of, you can just type it in, and listen to it straight away. Technology has really changed things in the way people purchase music.”

He also addressed the resurgence of vinyl lately. For him, it seems like people just recently realize that listening to music is a great way, a real encounter. “The actual sound is pure, and it is the way that sound was originally designed. It is not digital, and it’s not coming out of a computer. It is raw and it’s real. It’s really great! I love listening to vinyl.”

Moreover, Burton’s group, Human Nature, has released their latest album called “Jukebox: The Ultimate Playlist,” which also available on iTunes. He recommended to fans his personal favorite entitled “Runaround Sue.”

“That song is always a killer. It’s such an amazing song. We always end our show with ‘Runaround Sue’. It has become the hit of the show. It gets everybody up on their feet, dancing and singing along,” he shared. For Burton, success is about being happy with the outcome of everything you have done. Check out Human Nature’s 2018 Tour on their official website and start saving money for their tickets!