How to Turn a Blues Club Into a Self-Sustaining Organization

It is possible to turn a blues club into a self-sustaining organization. This way, the club wouldn’t have to depend on contributions from its members, to run its affairs. As a self-sustaining organization, the blues club would be able to generate its own revenues, which can then be used to run its affairs, without having to depend on contributions from the members.

The way to turn a blues club into a self-sustaining organization is by investing the money that members contribute to the club. Thus, whenever contributions are received from members, part of the money is invested, with the rest being used to run the club’s affairs. Over the long run, the returns from the money that was being invested can grow to a level where the club can be sustained on such returns. At that point, the members wouldn’t have to keep on making contributions to the club. The club would have become a self-sustaining organization.

So, how can the members’ contributions money be invested, to turn the club into a self-sustaining organization? Well, one idea would be to put the money into stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Another idea would be to invest the money directly into businesses. This is where, for instance, the club can venture into the business of selling, say, vacuum cleaners. In that case, as long as what the club has to offer are (for instance) indeed the best upright vacuum cleaners or so long as what the club has to offer are indeed the best vacuum for stairs, there is no reason as to why people wouldn’t buy them. After some time, the profits from the business would be huge enough to sustain the club.

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